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    Hello everybody,

    I don't know if I post this new topic in the good section.

    For some weeks, I have begun downloading and uploading some very good aerial view from 70s, 80s, 90s even 00s which come from various website.
    You can see them on this link!2523&authkey=!ABUuYCWsoP0gVvQ&ithint=folder,
    Sadly I don't have capacity anymore on my OneDrive, so I think I will do an excel file with differents tracks which I download.
    I hope this old aerial views give some ideas for historic track.

    So I give you some link with old free aerial view
    Belgium (I can't save image sadly) (95-05 and 10-13) :
    France (various year):
    Japan (various year):
    Italy (I can't save image sadly) (84-88, 94-98,00,06 and 12) :
    Norvège (I didn't look indeed) :
    Spain (I didn't look indeed):
    USA (various year):

    I have the canadian website, but the images aren't free sadly...

    I look for more website (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and so on)

    Some website with trackmap :

    I'm not a track modeller, but I hope it will help :)
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    Thank you very much. I think are good links, useful for many purposes.

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