Add extra Shared Memory/HW Control items

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Seven Smiles, Jul 5, 2021.

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    rFactor has various controls like engine mixture and mapping which are not reported in the shared memory, is there any chance of adding some? (We can create a list.)

    Similarly what about changing HW Control input items? IncrementMixture/DecrementMixture are there but I don't know if they're like Headlights and don't do anything (presumably as it is considered a "driving control" - even though there are alternative ways of doing it anyway). And a bit of tidying up, get rid of MusicPause and its family!

    I don't think either of those would require a lot work, simple to implement (just extending what exists already) and little danger of side effects.

    Finally a completely new input VolumeUp/Down to change the overall game volume on the fly, something I often want to do in VR where it would be nice to build it into Crew Chief as a voice control. Again, there are other ways of doing it but it would better if it were built in.
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    +1 to mapping HW control input items. The ability to set a direct TC level, for example, instead of "TC+" would be great, and open the door for much simpler rotary encoder/switch configurations.

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