Absurd Problem That Somehow Makes Me Slower

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by SETHONMETH, Feb 27, 2020.

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    ah true, however if there is physics change this test would be only valid with the player driving IMO, especially because of the tires, I mean if something is wrong that's where I'd expect it to be out of sync, tho I doubt this is a real thing
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    Yes. I know that the tyre model is different between the AI and the player.
    But OdeFinn stated this:
    If this is true the lap times will change, changing the PP effects. This change will happen with both tyre models.
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    No, I think the AI is useless here. Whether the fault is physics changing because of CPU load, or driving feel changing because the system is struggling, the player physics and input is needed. For sure the actual track and tyre grip won't change, and that's all that would be reflected by AI (they don't even use the same tyres).

    It's even been said that the system needs to be run with PP off. Any time your system is struggling to run the game you will have issues, whether it's moments of slow motion (visible on Ctrl-c graph, loggable with DAMPlugin - I know, I used to have a poor CPU) or various types of lag and delayed input/output that manifest as "less grip". We're not talking skidpan results here.
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