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    Hi, it would be great if you could add an overlay on "car balance", that shows the load on each of the tires and when the longitudinal acceleration is negative (breaking).

    This could be useful for trail braking, and for training on a smoother driving style on shifting the car balance.

    Other additions could be amount of longitudinal and lateral slip for each tire (to maximize grip on braking and cornering), and stuff that can be useful when working on a setup, like showing when the car is bottoming out or packers are being hit.
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    @coasting&cruising unfortunately the rF2 Api doesnt show when car bottoming out.

    I have tried looking at tire deformation (if I remembered correct). When values get really close to 0 or below you can see colors disapear.
    I have also tried to look at tireforce (again if I remembered correct) to give an idea of understanding what to change in the setup.

    Its not showing when bottoming out but could give some hints on why.

    you can see test result here:
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