2nd driver pit box loss...

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    We saw something weird whilst testing out driver swaps for the upcoming Sebring 12 hour...

    I was coming back in as the 3rd driver, I had started the car, left the server and then came back in, and as we went down pit road neither me nor the other tester could see our pit box, but the third tester who was going down the main straight at Sebring could, but in his box, which conveniently was right behind the pit stall we needed to use (had auto pit on)...

    We repeated the process and it happened again... Both times the driver not involved in the pit stop at all, whilst driving down the main straight, saw the pit box...

    So instead of the pit box just randomly disappearing for any replacing drivers, it goes to another car on the circuit that had already started the race... We couldn't really see this effect at TWS because of the way the banked start finish straight is so far away from the pit bays... But at Sebring it's relatively easy to catch..

    Hopefully this information helps diagnose the issue properly so it's working in the next build... And we can turn auto pit off in the future...
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