[REL] 1967 Endurance (Proto/Sports/GT) - modded Howston G4

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    I'm having a problem with the Chaparral/Chapel. I got a new system, so that meant re-creating all my profiles. I use a special controller profile for the Chapel to activate the wing via the clutch pedal. I can't seem to get it to activate any more. I've edited the profile so that both front & rear flaps use the same command, I've cleared the clutch completely since the car is a semi-automatic prior to assigning the clutch pedal to the flap. But it just sits there, no movement, no dashboard light, Has anyone else tried the White Winged Wonder since versions 1126 or 1128 or rF2?
    Partially solved it. I was testing at a non-DRS track. After changing to Silverstone I could activate the Wing whenever & wherever I wanted. Looks like S397 has added something that disables DRS at NON DRS tracks.
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    I made a quick patch that clones the fields into 1966FT and 1967FT. The only differences are that the car preview images don't work and that tyre change time is only a couple of seconds. It's a small workaroud for singleplayer racing purposes. The AI takes new tyres every pit stop but is capable of adjusting fuel strategy; this makes it so the AI can splash for fuel without having to sit for two and a half minutes in the pit lane.

    The unmodified cars are still accessible too, so you don't have to uninstall this to swap back.

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