1960s World Class Racing + All Tracks [vMod]

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    New version.
    I hope it will be useful to use explicit simple standard VMOD in server list.
    (otherwise pubblic servers will continue to be empty)

    1960s World Class Racing All Tracks [vMod]


    To use all best tracks online with F1 1960s.

    1960s WCR All Tracks v1.08[vMod] Download

    Required Content:

    ISI Official Contents Download

    - Brabham-Repco BT20 v1.49
    - EVE F1/F1B/F1C 68, F2 MS7, F3 MS5 v1.49
    - Spark F1, F2/F2B, F3 v1.49

    - Lime Rock Park v1.43
    - Malaysia v1.42
    - Mills Metro Park v1.43
    - Palm Beach International Raceway v1.43
    - Portugal International v1.43
    - Silverstone Circuit v1.01
    - Belgium v1.43
    - Brianza v1.44
    - Monte-Carlo v1.46

    Addon Tracks:
    - Mid Ohio v1.91 Download
    - Sebring v1.90 Download
    - Poznan Circuit v1.0 Download
    - Croft Circuit v1.0 Download
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    Thank You!

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