10 reasons why rFactor 2 ISNT a great racing sim

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by msportdan, Mar 25, 2015.

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    This is bloody awesome Noel, saves loads of time. Thanks a lot.


    You have tons of those little time saving usefull tools now Noel, would you mind posting them in one sticky thread at some point when you have time?
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    The Extreme hardware Claim is the worst thing!

    pCars and AC looks looks much more modern and better alone the reflections and
    weather effects, but requires distinctly less pc Power.

    Another point is, it's here at rfactor 2 little further. Almost standstill compared and since over 1 year!
    As if only one person every two months time have a day time to optimize and develop rFactor2.

    Just as rFactor 2 looks currently ... should be enough a small PC from 2009, in alle Settings ULTRA and
    best SGSSAA. However, the opposite is the case
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    Mmm... 24/7 daylight change, rain, dynamic sky, variable fog. I don't see those "weather effects" in AC or am I blind?

    There is basically one person developing rF2 graphics engine. ISI is not like Codemasters that has some 20 persons on graphic side and 1 on physics.
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    Can I just say, lmao at Luis for making that thread :)))

    I was tempted to make a similar silly-thread yesterday, just some mild-trolling and fun but those things often turn bad so could restrain myself.
    I hope the ban aint too long. but it wont be the last one either :p
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    A small Pc from 6 years ago couldn't run 1 Tyre in rF2 ;)
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    one like this ????


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    I´ve played RaceRoom in the last days and I´m quite impressive about this game. It depends on the car/track but some combinations are awsome. Last hour I was trying Laguna seca and bmw 320 turbo and another time with bmw DTM 1992 and I can admit that these guys have made a good job. If you listen the 320 turbo, you will not want any other sounds. Try to downshift without heel/toe or upshift without leaving throttle and it will be a lottery. Also when you overheat the engine, you see the results.

    But when you speak about physics and ffb, RF2 is a great simulator. Not perfect but it gives you a good experience. It´s a shame that graphics, content and sounds are not at the level of some games but perhaps will be in the future.
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    "...rFactor 2 ISNT a great racing sim" could be true, but as a true simulator one shall test it on motion rig. IMHO, it IS a greatest racing sim up today.

    I have an old video demonstrated rF1, recently I added comments on the video:

    My seat vibrating and bump (see the vibrating modes of strokes on the actuators) sync exactly with the wheels bump. My seat level sync with with track surface level perfectly. The inclination angle of track surface matches to that of my seat as can be seen.
    You see the seat height variation by watching the Actuators stroke. Recently I ran rFactor 2 Corvette C6r GT2 on Silverstone.
    I pulled out the telemetry data (10ms interval data) and calculated correlations between LR_RideHeight (Rear Left height) and others:

    LR_WheelYLocation -98.92%
    LR_SuspensionDeflection -98.82%
    LR_SuspensionForce -96.82%
    LR_TireLoad -95.90%
    LR_VerticalTireDeflection -95.58%
    LocalAccelX 83.00%
    LR_LateralForce 82.59%
    LF_LateralForce 79.71%
    RF_TireLoad 77.77%
    RF_VerticalTireDeflection 77.40%
    RF_SuspensionForce 76.94%
    RF_RideHeight -75.05%
    RR_LateralForce 74.94%
    LocalRotY -73.92%
    RF_WheelYLocation 73.80%
    RF_SuspensionDeflection 73.79%
    SteeringShaftTorque 73.63%
    FFB 72.22%
    RF_LateralForce 71.43%
    RR_LongitudinalPatchVel -67.00%
    RF_LateralGroundVel -62.75%
    RF_LateralPatchVel -62.74%
    LF_LateralGroundVel -62.66%
    LF_LateralPatchVel -62.65%
    RR_GripFract 62.62%
    Ori1x 62.03%
    RR_TireLoad 61.68%
    RR_VerticalTireDeflection 61.64%
    LF_TireLoad -61.03%
    LF_VerticalTireDeflection -60.53%
    RR_SuspensionForce 60.09%
    RF_GripFract 58.45%
    LR_LongitudinalPatchVel -57.57%
    LR_GripFract 57.33%
    LF_SuspensionForce -57.11%
    LR_LateralGroundVel -56.94%
    LR_LateralPatchVel -56.94%
    RR_LateralGroundVel -56.43%
    RR_LateralPatchVel -56.42%
    LocalAccelZ 55.18%
    LF_GripFract 54.89%
    LocalVelX -54.26%
    RearRideHeight 52.65%
    RR_SuspensionDeflection 52.00%
    RR_WheelYLocation 51.70%
    LR_LongitudinalForce 50.58%
    RR_LongitudinalForce 50.23%
    RR_RideHeight -49.66%
    Rear3rdDeflection -48.75%
    RF_LongitudinalPatchVel -48.48%
    FrontWingHeight -45.47%
    RF_LongitudinalForce 44.85%
    LF_LongitudinalForce 44.73%
    FrontRideHeight -43.08%
    LF_WheelYLocation -42.15%
    LF_SuspensionDeflection -41.98%
    EngineTorque -41.06%
    LF_LongitudinalPatchVel -38.88%
    Front3rdDeflection 38.67%
    PosX -38.00%
    ElapsedTime -36.76%
    UnfilteredThrottle -35.69%
    FilteredThrottle -35.53%
    EngineWaterTemp 34.58%
    Fuel 33.68%
    LF_RideHeight 29.86%
    LF_BrakePressure 27.31%
    RF_BrakePressure 27.31%
    LR_BrakePressure 27.31%
    RR_BrakePressure 27.31%
    FilteredBrake 27.31%
    UnfilteredBrake 27.31%
    Gear -26.53%
    LF_Wear 26.13%
    LR_Wear 26.13%
    RR_Wear 26.03%
    Ori1z 25.77%
    LR_Pressure 25.44%
    RR_Pressure 24.97%
    Ori1y 24.17%
    RF_Wear 23.24%
    RF_SurfaceType 22.34%
    RR_SurfaceType 21.44%
    EngineRPM -21.19%
    RF_Toe -20.01%
    LF_Toe -19.98%
    FilteredSteering -19.74%
    UnfilteredSteering -19.74%
    ClutchRPM -19.69%
    FilteredClutch 18.28%
    RR_Rotation 18.11%
    LR_Rotation 17.32%
    LF_Pressure 16.87%
    LF_Rotation 16.42%
    LF_LongitudinalGroundVel 15.01%
    RF_Rotation 14.75%
    LR_LongitudinalGroundVel 14.64%
    RF_Pressure 14.62%
    Ori0y -14.46%
    RR_BrakeTemp -14.39%
    Ori0x -14.38%
    Ori2z -14.38%
    LR_BrakeTemp -14.37%
    LocalVelZ 13.69%
    LocalRotAccelX 13.49%
    RF_LongitudinalGroundVel 12.96%
    RR_LongitudinalGroundVel 12.53%
    PosZ 12.10%
    LF_BrakeTemp -11.96%
    RF_BrakeTemp -11.79%
    Ori2y 11.36%
    TurboBoostPressure -10.49%
    EngineMaxRPM -9.88%
    LocalVelY -9.69%
    LocalRotX 8.48%
    RearDownForce -7.33%
    FrontDownforce -7.07%
    LocalAccelY -6.79%
    LocalRotAccelY 5.66%
    LocalRotZ -5.01%
    PosY -3.81%
    LocalRotAccelZ -3.01%
    Ori2x -0.35%
    Ori0z 0.35%
    LR_Toe 0.00%
    RR_Toe 0.00%
    DeltaTime 0.00%
    LapStartET 0.00%
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    yes, i use do erase everything and them make a clean install , but anyway i will try it right now , thanks!

    thanks Noel, but i was talking about sharing physics updates between team/betatesters is way more complicated now, is not phobia or whatever , is just that ..... imagine you are with another 6 team members/betatesters of your modding team playing and chating through Skype , and they say to change a couple of things on the physics , on the lovely rF1 is a question of edit physics , share physics files, drag and drop files, restart server, restart games, test and enjoy , and TEST!

    you, me, and hundred of modders knows how it works and how complicated this could be in rF2 ..... and more if you compare it with rF1.

  11. Noel Hibbard

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    It's no harder to sync files in devmode then it was in rf1. We use UberSVN for that. So you can change a file, commit the change and then everyone else simply right clicks their ModDev folder and selects update and their done. The only downfall is you can't test online in devmode.
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    The only thing I really don't like about RF2 doesn't depend on ISI: too few people online
  13. Max Angelo

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    NP, hope you get fixed the issue, so to have one less concern about rF2, and that it can help to take the right decision: HistorX in rF2! :)
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    Wow, that made my life just a little bit easier.
    I did not know that and the point is; how should I??

    Now I won't say it isn't a great sim, but there could be a LOT improvement on the information for modding.
    In devcorner, a lot of files don't open. The spreadsheet isn't working properly and I don't think there is one modder that knows exactly how it works.

    As I recall; rF1 didn't have that much cars or tracks and it helped the game that there were a lot of tracks and cars added by modders.........now, in this version; they have to figure the most of the stuff out and it has become to hard.
    Some things that no one knows about in my opinion;
    - pushrod mountings in HDV; those new lines.....
    - newer steering system (not even the one on the Brabham new, but before that)
    - having to remove the 8 "spin inertia" lines from the HDV when using a flex chassis and;
    - mounting the line "Modelwheelsincludealltiremass=1" in the HDV

    Now the last two lines were told to me by ISI, but the first two........guys are still struggling here in the forums.

    So; enough improvement needed, yes.
  15. stonec

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    Situation was mostly the same in rF1. Some basich HDV parameters I don't know until this day how they are intended to work. People adapted to it and learned to mod, some by trial and error, because no better sim was available back then.
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    This is great and make me jealous, but adjust the driver view for the god sake... an amazing hardware like this and the POV totally wrong!

  17. Saabjock

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    It's a bit unfortunate too.
    I really enjoyed the game....had quite a few good 'tussles' with folks online before the current state caused a 'lock out'.
    The other thing I'd like to see changed is the mod removal portion.
    Having to find and remove numerous mods... prior to removing a car associated with those mods, is not ideal.
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    They really need to get the Live racers servers up again and show more people how open races can be fun.

    For mine the original settings need a bit of tweaking.
    Vary the experience level in rooms rather then one setting suits all.
    Even have a rookies training room.

    I would seriously be willing to pay extra if it was setup and run well.
    Have a voting system for weekly combinations.
    You good have big events every week.
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    They did bring them back, although I haven't looked lately maybe they are down again but they were prefixed "ISIO" for ISI Official.
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    I think rFactor 2 is good! Since it is supposed to have the best physics, I am not going to even try other sims. I have only just configured and tested the sim, but here are my random complaints:

    1. Attenuation of sounds by distance is not realistic. I can´t stand the constant/compressed buzzing of opponent cars. I wonder, why this is not discussed more.

    2. Aliasing and draw distance issues. I am not asking for eye candy, just cleaner graphics, which should be easy for my new and powerful system. I understand that some of the issues are due to broken Nvidia drivers for GTX970.

    3. Lack of documentation. Too much time goes for internet searches.

    4. Many small things with the interface. For example, It takes too much time to find, that wind is not implemented. Or that tire skid volume depends on both "Tire Volume" and "Sound Effects Volume" (which means you can´t have tire sound without birds and helicopters). Or that there is "Auto Blip" and "Auto Lift" driving aid options in player.JSON. (But generally I have nothing against text files. They can be versatile.)

    5. rFactor 2 is a complex sim. Instead of "game interface" it could have boring but effective production software style interface. Proper windows, menus, file management, all setup parameters in one page and so on.

    6. Searching for "rFactor2" or "rFactor 2" often returns rFactor One content.

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