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    1. APEXerI
      I filled out steam transfer form yesterday. YTou shut down my rf2 lifetime but never sent steam key
    2. dario
    3. vandofarias
      Google Translator -
      Hi okay? I am Brazilian, please answer, RF2 gotta be improved in matter of constant speed and speed braking in real life pilots go well procimos including the braking, the RF2 not to walk the next without hitting the car in front, and floor near impossible especially in braking. Please answer I'm sure the developers like good as they are may analyze this question, thank you
    4. vandofarias
      Oi tudo bem? eu sou brasileiro, por favor responda, RF2 tem q ser melhorado na questao de velocidade constante e velocidade de freada, na vida real os pilotos correm bem procimos inclusive nas freadas, no RF2 nao da pra andar proximo sem bater no carro da frente, e impossivel andar proximo principalmente nas freadas. Responda por favor tenho certeza que os desenvolvedore bom como eles sao podem analizar essa questao, obrigado
    5. jkn87

      Hi. yesterday i purchased a 1 year licence por rFactor2 and payed throy paypal.

      i have logged in but all the 3 options remain grayed and i can't reactivate nothin.
      what shall i do?

      thanks in advance.
    6. Gjon Camaj
      Gjon Camaj
      Your online account seems fine. There are some systems that are proving to be difficult to set as activated. If you havent already send an email to support@rfactor.net they may have some links of things people have tried to solve this problem.
    7. sammoran14
      Hi there, I recently purchased Rfactor 2, with my Paypal reiept. And (like many others when I login, the 3 options on the simulation page are still greyed out.) And when I look to click reactivate, that too is greyed out!....so please, what should I do?

      RF number: RF13148829

      Thank you.
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