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    1. rer8
      On a different note, a program showed up on my computer today while playing the game. Razor:Cortex... I have attempted (unsuccessfully) to remove this questionable tool that was added by Steam... Is this intentional, and what should I know about it if it is really supposed to be there. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Randy
    2. rer8
      Christopher... I obviously owe you and the 397 team an apology because I hosted tonight and one of the players did not have Yas Marina. I did not make a get mod, and to my amazement the game down loaded the file from the from the Work Shop and we were able to continue in a very shot time.Simply, wonderful!
      Best Regards, especially to you and to the 397 Team.
    3. rer8
      Good morning Christopher. I really appreciate the work that you do to help us better understand game processes. The list of "race events" that I see when I select the dedicated server (world icon) is very large. Is there a way to remove unwanted (now defunct) race events? Thank you in advance, for your response. Randy
      1. Christopher Elliott
        Christopher Elliott
        In the Launcher "Box Icon" you can uninstall old RaceEvents, look in the 'type' column for "mod" and highlight and click the uninstall button.
        Oct 27, 2017
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    4. Paco572
      I started a "conversation" with you. Please read, it has a simple request. Thanks Chris.
    5. Sittinhere
      Why on earth would you close a thread that is actually helping people with a well known issue. A bug report would do no good since it is a well known issue.
    6. Seto
      Hi mate , I cannot get onto rf2 sayes my subscription is due , but I've got a life time subscription, and it's even ticked in my accounts as life time , I got that when rf2 first went to steam
      My email is
    7. NickDeFender
      It's been over a week and nothing's happened regarding the Grand Prix 1937 mod. I figured, since I couldn't find a moderator, that an admin would forward my concerns to a moderator. Is this company OK with theft of intellectual property? If so, perhaps I should elevate my concerns. Would start a conversation with Christopher and Marcel be the place to start?
      1. Christopher Elliott
        Christopher Elliott
        I'm not sure what this exactly refers to :) But feel free to PM me.
        Mar 23, 2017
    8. Rick Adams
      Rick Adams
      Hello Christopher.
      I am coming back from a long break from racing after being deployed to Iraq. I see RF2 has gone to steam, and I have missed the cut off to migrate over to steam. I purchased RF2 with lifetime online access. What do I need to do to switch over to steam?
    9. Goibaka
      Hi Christopher!
      I'm interesting in getting permission to access dx11 forum. Can you let me access to it? I'm working on my rF2 track "Transfagarasan road" with the new dx11 shaders.
    10. NickDeFender
      I believe if they don't get permission from Bob Russell (Punko353) and intend to release it, they should probably stop. BigBen who was the guy who put the cars in-game and some tester have supposedly given them an OK but they are not the creator of the 3d cars. Bob is still around and they need to contact him.
    11. NickDeFender
      My name's Mike Urbanski and I've commented at the Grand Prix 1937 thread. I don't want to get into a pissing contest with the people posting there. I provide data and photos to Bob as he was creating this. I gave them a heads up regarding the authorship of the 3d models from the original rFactor 1937 mod. They seem purposely obtuse regarding this point.
    12. Vance Le Garde
      Vance Le Garde
      I have advised Steve to just re buy the software, due to no reply and we have racing starting back up next wednesday night ;) cheer Chris

    13. Vance Le Garde
      Vance Le Garde
      HI Chris,
      I have another query a member of my racing league has been slack and missed the deadline to transfer to steam for from his non steam lifetime version, is he a position now to just have to pay to buy it through Steam again or is there anything he can do ? can I maybe give him your email address and let you deal with it I sure if it is a case of re buying it but as they say it doesn't hurt to ask ;)
    14. sman

      Hello I believe that DavidpoReilly is also a admin in here if iam correct , I spoke him latest 0n 20 januar about his setup guide for Rf2 so i transfered him 5€ for this (not a hugh amount lol ) but 20th januar was last time he was online and i still waiting for his much appreciated guide. so my Q is do you know where he is ?
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