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  1. mantasisg
    Wish to do: Ferrari 312PB Berlinetta, Jaguar D-type, Jaguar E-type.
  2. mantasisg
    Next goals: Nemuno Ziedas circuit, a fantasy circuit, Mercedes W125.
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  3. mantasisg
    Current goals: Goodwood circuit, Jaguar XJ13 + physics, 1954 sports cars representative physics.
  4. t0p5ecret
  5. Keith Carter
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    2. Charles Du
      Charles Du
      You are a gentleman and a scholar sir!
      Feb 23, 2019
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  6. Scoopscat7
    New BTCC season on SiG Friday nights 8pm GMT
  7. Donat
  8. Willian Rodrigues
  9. Nicky Cuypers
  10. Nicky Cuypers
  11. Vanisch
    Vanisch Noel Hibbard
    Hi, can you help me please

    where i find your tools Component-Builder & MAS-file-extractor-rfcmp-Installer?

    thanks for your help...

    Beste regards
  12. TCLF
    Still having problems with skins going back to the default one :(
  13. Lars
    Lars peterchen

    i read that u mad your own aiw files. Have u tried to fix the montreal88 bug (ai slow down on start finish)? i failled by creating a new fast path and smoothing out the start finish waypoints, ai still slowing down massively. any idea?

    thank you

    PS: u can also answer in german, as i noticed your location :-)
  14. Nicky Cuypers
    Nicky Cuypers DuRiN
    Hi DuRiN,

    How do i get started with HLSsim for my dedicated server? Can't seem to find a way to register my community and get started with it.

    Nicky cuypers

    owner of FairPlay Simracing
  15. LoSte7
    if it has wheel or tits, it will create problems
  16. Garitt Gibsn
    Garitt Gibsn Marcel Offermans
    Hallo Marcel,

    wir freuen uns schon auf das Gen 2 Fahrzeug von euch und
    hätten dazu zwei Fragen.

    wird für das Gen 2 Fahrzeug ein Attack-Mod implementiert?

    Wird ein Attack-Mode auf den Strecken machbar sein und wenn ja,
    wie werden die Aktivierungspunkte auf die Strecke gebracht (DevMode (AIW-Editor))?


  17. Alex72
    rFactor 2 makes me happy.
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    2. Bjørn
      nice :)
      Jan 28, 2019
  18. Lars
    Lars trollray
    u mentioned u have adjusted aiw of some 88 tracks. there is an issue with motreal, ai slowing on start-finish straight. is it possible for u to fix this.. i can race all tracks but this and imola.
  19. Beau Albert
    Beau Albert
    #06 Logitech G | Altus Esports
  20. Beau Albert
    Beau Albert
    #06 Logitech G | Altus Esports // Thanks to our Sponsors Logitech G - Astro Gaming - Motum Simulation - CAMS - iLiveries //